Gravel Pit in Odessa, NY

Gravel Pit in Odessa, NY

Gravel Pit in Odessa, NYGravel Pit in Odessa, NYGravel Pit in Odessa, NY


Looking for Certified or Specialty Aggregate Products?

Odessa Sand,Stone & Gravel offers gravel products for Schuyler and surrounding counties. Contact us today!

We have been in the business of producing quality, NYSDOT certified and specialty aggregate products in a number of locations in the Finger Lakes Region since 1988 and maintain a safe and efficient fleet of 10-wheelers and Slinger trucks to get the product you need, right where you need it, when you need it.  We are well insured, with seasoned staff and drivers and ready to handle your sand, stone and gravel needs from the smallest home improvement task to major commercial development projects. 


Crushed Aggregates


Screened Aggregates


Specialty Mixed & Misc.


Odessa Sand, Stone & Gravel


Delivery Option

Our Staff can arrange for delivery by dump truck or slinger truck for an additional fee based on the quantity of the order and the distance from the pit. Slinger trucks "shoot" aggregate from the truck up to 70 feet to place it in the "hard to reach" locations.

Delivering Material

Our drivers will do their best to place materials where you request but are limited by the requirements needed for the safe operation of a dump truck.  The customer accepts responsibility for all damage resulting by the truck leaving public Highways at their request.

Can I pick up Material

Any person with a proper/permitted vehicle for material transport can come to the pit to purchase materials.  Upon entering the pit drive directly to the scale house and our staff can help you and arrange for your vehicle to be loaded.